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Unlimited SSD Cloud Web Hosting

From business owners to individuals who desire reliable and full featured web hosting with quality support at affordable price, LayerOnline provides world-class SSD cloud web hosting solution with 24/7 award-winning customer service.


Get the best web hosting services with LayerOnline! Find out why website owners everyday have chosen LayerOnline as their web hosting provider.

  • Blazing Fast SSD Cloud Web Hosting – Premium SSD storage for fastest disk performance and web hosting on the market. Feel the speed of 100k+ IOPS cloud web hosting!
  • Cloud-based DNS/Web/CDN/Email Hosting – Everything from DNS to email is on the cloud.
  • Powerful Nginx/Apache Hybrid Webserver Engine – Combine the high scalability of Nginx with the power of Apache, our servers do not even break a sweat even under the heaviest loads. The kind of performance that typical shared hosting servers can only dream of.
  • Private Hosting Environment – Each hosting account has a truly dedicated php engine isolated from others, improves security, stability and performance.
  • Optimized Hosting for Page Ranking and SEO – Many SEO firms have recommended us to their clients for fast website load speed. Your website load speed directly affect your CPC cost, page ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines as well as your visitor’s experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Security – Our proprietary real-time scanning engine constantly filter out malicious requests such as SQL injection and buffer overflow even before they reach your website. It can block any hacking script upload and execution. We always keep our scanning engine up-to-date and refined for today’s newest threats.
  • Traffic Spike Protection – Our servers are designed from the ground up to handle the toughest traffic storm from Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook and more, leaving great impression and professional image for your site visitors.
  • Realtime DDOS Protection – Your websites are fully protected against one of the greatest threats on the Internet – Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, including SYN flood and Teardrop.
  • Optimized for Blog and Forum Hosting – Our LAMP hosting environment were optimally tuned to provide the fastest blog and forum hosting possible, for all scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, vBulletin and more.
  • Raid-Protected Storage and Data Backups – We are serious about your website data integrity and safety, that’s why we use RAID1 to mirror your data to two drives, at the same time provide weekly backups which is also on RAID1. This is a costly setup therefore not many hosting providers are willing to provide.
  • Typo-Proof Domain Registration – If you made a typo in your domain, just contact us within 24 hours and we can correct for you free of charge.
  • Free Domain in up to 56 Domain Extensions – You may choose your free domain in .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .name, .nl, .us, .ca, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .me, .mobi, .asia, .eu, .cc, .bz, .pro, .sx, .tv, .tel, .ws, .de, .es, .com.de, .com.au, .net.au, .co, .com.co, .net.co, .nom.co, .net.nz, .co.nz, .org.nz, .eu.com, .gb.com, .gr.com, .ae.org, .kr.com, .us.com, .qc.com, .cn, .com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn, .ru, .com.ru, .net.ru, .org.ru, .in, .co.in, .net.in, .org.in, .gen.in, .firm.in, and .ind.in.
  • Value Packed Domain Registration – Our domain registration is highly competitively priced while still provide premium features such as typo-proof, instant activation, free theft protection, free DNS management, 24-hour cancellation policy and much more.
  • 80+ Domain Extensions to Choose From – We are one of the web hosting providers with the largest domain extensions available
  • Green Hosting – We use energy efficient servers and our intelligent software make use of RAM-based operations and other techniques to improve performance and efficiency. We also contribute to green energy companies to offset the carbon footprint caused by our servers.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee – Our uptime SLA has been one of the highest in the industry thanks to our advanced hosting environment.
  • World-Class Datacenter and Network – We partner with top datacenter providers for the best in class infrastructure with multihomed optical networks
  • Friendly and Professional Support – We offer 24/7 North America based technical support by toll-free phone, ticket, email and chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Cheap Cloud Hosting – LayerOnline offers industry leading unlimited cloud web hosting service at affordable price, we are one of the cheapest web hosting providers on the market.
  • Cheap Domain Names – We offer cheapest domain registration for our hundreds of domain extensions.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back – We provide unconditional 30 day money back guarantee for hosting and 24 hour money back for domain registration.

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LayerOnline Hosting Features

From business owner to individual who desires reliable and full featured web hosting at affordable price, LayerOnline provides world-class web hosting solution with 24/7 award-winning customer service.

  • SSD Cloud Web/CDN Hosting
  • AnyCast Cloud Nameservers
  • Cloud Email Hosting
  • Private Hosting Environment
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain in 50 Extensions
  • 70+ Domain Extensions
  • Free One-Click Installs
  • Free Site Builder
  • Free Website Templates
  • Domain Typo Protection
  • Traffic Spike Protection
  • Realtime DDOS Protection
  • Realtime Malware Protection
  • Raid Storage Protection

Package Details

Plan Name Value Performance Ultimate
Price/Month 12-Month Term $6.95 $12.95 $19.95
Free domain extension in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .ws Yes Yes Yes
Free domain extension in .name, .ca, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .es, .eu, .de, .com.au, .net.au, .in No Yes Yes
Free domain extension in .me, .mobi, .asia, .cc, .bz, .tv, .tel, .pro, .nl, .sx, .co, .com.de, .com.co, .net.co, .nom.co, .net.nz, .co.nz, .org.nz, .eu.com, .gb.com, .gr.com, .ae.org, .kr.com, .us.com, .qc.com, .ru, .com.ru, .net.ru, .org.ru, cn, .com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn, .co.in, .net.in, .org.in, .gen.in, .firm.in, .ind.in No No Yes
Domain Typo Protection Yes Yes Yes
AnyCast Cloud Nameservers Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain Privacy Yes Yes Yes
SSD RAID10 Storage Yes Yes Yes
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 100 200 Unlimited
Realtime DDOS Protection Yes Yes Yes
DDOS mitigation 1Mbps 10Mbps 100Mbps
Traffic Throughput 100,000 hits per day 500,000 hits per day 1,000,000 hits per day
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.95% 100%
Cloud CDN Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Email Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Private Hosting Environment Yes Yes Yes
Raid-Protected Storage Yes Yes Yes
Domain Features
Instant Activation Yes Yes Yes
Theft Protection Yes Yes Yes
DNS Management Yes Yes Yes
Domain Forwarding Yes Yes Yes
Fast AJax Domain Management Interface Yes Yes Yes
Hundreds of Domain Extensions Yes Yes Yes
Plan Features
Sub-Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
One-Click Install Scripts (Softaculous Pro) Yes Yes Yes
Free Website Builder (Soholaunch) Yes Yes Yes
Free Website Templates (Soholaunch) Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Website Backup Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Protection Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus Protection Yes Yes Yes
Server Features
Nginx/Apache Engine Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Request Scanning Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Upload Scanning Yes Yes Yes
SQL DB Defragmentation and Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Ram Disk Acceleration Yes Yes Yes
Satisfaction Guarantee
30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee for hosting Yes Yes Yes
24 Hour Unconditional Money Back Guarantee for domain registration Yes Yes Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is cloud-based DNS/Nameservers?
A: LayerOnline provides globally load-balanced nameservers for its clients’ domains and web hostings so their domains will resolve as fast as possible for all their visitors no matter which continent they are in. It is also a failsafe feature that if one of the nameservers goes down, DNS traffic would automatically get re-routed to another nameserver in the nameserver cluster. What’s more, our cloud DNS/Nameservers are IPv6 ready!

Q: What is cloud CDN Hosting?
A: CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, in simplest terms, is a network of geographically distributed servers used to cache your website contents. Besides the fact that LayerOnline servers utilize Nginx to cache and to handle very large amount of traffic, we also partnered with CloudFlare, the main CDN provider, to offer one-click install of its CDN infrastructure for our users free of charge. In the event that your website goes down due to bad script or human error, both Nginx and CloudFlare will continue to serve your website content to the world until your website is back online, that’s double safety nets for your website.

Q: What is cloud Email Hosting?
A: Gmail is one of the best cloud-based email platforms around. Therefore LayerOnline provides one-click install of Google email for your domain. You would be able to use the same fast Gmail interface to access your domain emails and knowing that your emails are back by one of the best email platforms around.

Q: What is Nginx?
A: Nginx is a scalable, high performance HTTP web server and reverse proxy. It’s the solution to the scalability problem of Apache web server, also known as the C10K problem. Apache is a full featured and well supported web server. Apache create a new process for each connection, this impose a problem when there are hundreds of connections, the server quickly ran out of memory and cause instability or even crash. Nginx uses only one thread to handle all connections, switching between them using event calls to the operating system, effective eliminating the resource starvation problem with process-based web servers.

Q: What is Nginx/Apache hybrid HTTP server?
A: Although Nginx is highly scalable and high performance, it’s not as full featured and well supported as Apache web server, and it is not supported by CPanel, the hosting control panel. Therefore LayerOnline introduces Nginx/Apache hybrid HTTP engine: Nginx as the front end and Apache as the backend. The end result is the combined web server can handle thousands of concurrent requests while supporting all functionality and compatibility of Apache web server.

Q: Does LayerOnline support green hosting?
A: Yes. While our datacenters are located in green-powered states and we also make regular contributions to green energy organizations to offset our operation’s carbon footprint, we don’t stop there, we actually do our part to go further, a lot further.

Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse, Virtually. Beside the fact that we only use energy-star compliant server components, we also use various technologies to enable maximum power savings, such as cpu speed scaling, link state power management, and disk idle timeout. Saving the planet doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice in performance. We also utilize large disk cache, ramdisk and efficient process management to use power more effectively, actually resulting in a noticeable speed boost in comparison to non power saving counterparts.

Need proof? The server load is the combination of total cpu load and disk activity load of the server. While the average server load for our competitors are 60-80, ours are less than 1! That’s correct, by hosting your website with us, your website uses 60 times less power and at the same time, runs faster too! And we are hosting some of the most demanding forum and blog sites out there. Now multiply that number with million of websites, can you see the savings?

Q: What is DDOS-Protection?
A: Distributed Denial-of-Service is a type of attack which hundreds of computers sending massive malicious network packets attempt to bring down a server. The most popular type of these invalid network packets is the SYN_RECV packet. LayerOnline’s state-of-the-art firewall technology instantly block all types of DDOS attacks in fraction of a second, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass thru. This technology is provided by LayerOnline free of charge.

Q: What is Domain Privacy?
A: When you register a domain name, your personal information such as your real name, phone number and address are publicly available via domain whois record for everyone on the Internet to see. Websites such as domaintools.com allows anyone to check the whois record of any domain name. Revealing your personal information to the world can be very dangerous. Also spammers can get your email address from your whois record and start spamming you. Domain privacy is a security feature which hide your personal information in the whois record. LayerOnline provides free domain privacy for many top level domains such as .com, .org, .info, and .net.

Q: What is RAID-Protected Storage?
A: Hard drive failures can happen unexpectedly. When it happens, all data on the hard drive are lost. With RAID-protected storage, at least one extra hard drive is used to mirror the content of a hard drive or an array of hard drives. If one hard drive fails, all data are still intact and the server is still up and running, since the content on the failed hard drive is mirrored on another hard drive. The failed hard drive just need to be swapped out and replaced. There is no OS reload or any other recovery work involved

Q: What software are included and how do I get them?
A: The free software bundle includes Fantastico Deluxe, a collection of all the popular software from blog to forum scripts which can be easily installed.

Q: How do I upload files to my account?
A: In your FTP client, specify the following settings: Hostname: serveraddress.com (replace this with hostname of the server you are on; this information is included with your welcome mail) Username: [email protected] (replace “username” with your actual username, and “domain.com” with your domain name) Password: your password (this should be replaced with your actual password).

Some good FTP Clients are FileZilla, CuteFTP or FlashFTP.

After you logged into your FTP area, you should see a folder called “public_html” – upload files into that folder, and you should be able to view uploaded content at http://domain.com (replace “domain.com” with your actual domain name).

Q: How do I access my control panel behind firewall?
A: You should be able to login into your control panel by typing “http://cpanel.serveraddress.com/” (replace with real server name) or “http://serveraddress.com/cpanel” in your browser. Use your actual username and password to login. Please note that you must use our nameservers to use this feature.

Q: What email settings should I use for my pop3/smtp mail accounts?
A: In your mail client settings, use the following values to access your pop3/smtp account:
SMTP Mail Server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail Account (Username): [email protected] (your “username” at “your domain”)
POP3 Mail Password: the password you used to create email account from control panel

Q: I have transferred my domain on your name servers – how long does it take for it to start working?
A: Usually it may take up to 24-48 hours, however with recent changes for most domains it takes about 4 hours

Q: My script does not work, how do I identify the problem?
A: Login into your control panel, go to the “Logs/Stats” section, and click on “Error log”. There you will be able to see error log for your domain.
Q: How do I login into webmail?
A: Visit “http://webmail.serveraddress.com/” (replace this with real server name you are on), and login with mail account’s credentials.

Q: I want SSH access for my account, how do I get it?
A: Sorry, for security reasons, SSH access is not permitted.

Q: I want remote MySQL access for my account, how do I get it?
A: Sorry, for security reasons, remote MySQL access is not permitted.


Client’s Reviews

” I have been with a variety of hosting companies over the past few years and I’m really glad a friend suggested Layeronline Hosting for my new project. Their prices can’t be beat and the support has been phenomenal. The techs respond almost immediately and they have saved me a couple times already. Even the chat support people are fairly knowledgeable, which is hard to find, Highly recommended! “

Philip Martin – wiiuspecs.com

” I transferred my site to LayerOnline about a year ago. I have never seen my site be down ever since. I used to be with some other companies and my site would be down almost daily. I used to be stressed out and could not sleep at nights thinking that I would loose all my content. Thank God I found LayerOnline, I love it!!! I am always recommending LayerOnline to my friends. “

Tom – animegenome.com

” I am in Australia and, due to the time difference, have never been able to get a prompt response from my US web hosting companies despite their claims of 24/7 support. It often took days to resolve a problem. LayerOnline are very different. They resolved a problem within 1 hour of a support ticket being lodged even though it was the middle of the night in the US. Really good service. “

” I contact the help desk of LayerOnline because I had problems in my domain, the chat online was direct and efficient, but when they turn me to another area I was really surprise, they solved immediately, less than 5 minutes, I felt so secure and make me think one more time I taked the rigth choice in my hosting … sorry about my english!

LayerOnline Rocks! “