Google Drive

Google Drive Pricing Plan

Unlimited Drive Personal
$11 USD /Mo
  • 1 G Suite Google Drive Account:
  • Unlimited Online Backup Storage:
  • Unlimited Photo Backup at Full Resolution:
  • Unlimited Video Backup at Full Length:
  • Unlimited File Size and Type:
  • Backup External/NAS Drives:
  • All G Suite Features Enabled:
  • Complete Privacy:
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Get Google Drive with Unlimited Cloud Storage From LayerOnline

With Unlimited Google Drive from LayerOnline you get a virtual external drive with unlimited cloud storage. Get your Google Drive for your extra storage on the cloud that you can access from anywhere. Backup all your photos, videos, documents and files. This feature normally is only available with business edition.


No File Size Limit

Forget about all the file size restrictions. With Google Drive you get unlimited file size.


No Business Account Required

You don't need to register a business with tax implications just for unlimited cloud storage for personal use.


No Groupbuy Required

You can get the best pricing and discount on Google Drive directly, without getting 5 people minimum.


Lowest Price Guarantee

If you found a lower price, we will match the price plus you get one month free.


No Domain Required

You don't need to buy a domain to be eligible for business status.


No Device Limit

You can connect to unlimited devices to your account.


Custom Username

A new account will be created with the custom username you choose and your account is not shared. This account is legit and it's not stolen or shared.


Secure and Safe

All your files are safely stored and replicated on Google storage and servers. You can instantly access your files with same speed anywhere in the world.


Virtual External Drive

Use Google Drive File Stream to mount your LayerOnline Drive as a separate drive. Files are streamed as you use it so they don't eat up your disk space, especially useful for laptop users.


Total Privacy

LayerOnline staff cannot access your files or email once your account is created.

More Awesomeness

As a bonus, with Google Drive from LayerOnline you also get all G Suite features enabled, which include gmail, drive, calendar, office etc.

Unlimited Online Storage Plan

  • 1 Google Drive Account
  • Unlimited Online Backup Storage
  • Unlimited Photo Backup at Full Resolution
  • Unlimited Video Backup at Full Length
  • Unlimited File Size and Type
  • Backup External/NAS Drives
  • All G Suite Features Enabled
  • Complete Privacy
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • $11/month Order Now

What's included:

  • Google Drive with Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Files/Photos/Videos/Emails
  • RAW photo/video accepted with no size limit
  • Video files with no length restriction
  • Backup external and NAS drives
  • Access Your Files Anywhere from Desktop, Laptop and Mobile
  • All G Suite Features: Drive, Email, Calendar, Office etc
  • Virtual Drive to Stream All Your Files without Taking Disk Space
  • Refer Your Friend and Get one FREE month for both of you

Customer Questions

You would not be able to get this special deal if order directly from Google.
Backup software backup files inside folder such as My Documents, which is limited by your hard disk space and whatever in your documents folder. Backup software doesn’t provide external storage. With Google Drive from LayerOnline, you get a virtual external drive which you can access all your files, even if you use a netbook with only 8GB of usable storage, because files are streamed to your computer as you use it, and with local cache for frequently used files. We also provide excellent 24/7 after sale support and service.
Dropbox has 3 device limit, and only sync what’s in your Dropbox folder, which is limited by your hard disk space and whatever in your documents folder. Dropbox doesn’t extend your storage space. With LayerOnline‘s Google Drive, there is no device limit and you get a virtual external drive which you can put terabytes of files, even if you use a netbook with only 8GB of usable storage.
You can download Google Drive For Desktop from Google. Normally you cannot use this app with your free Google account.
You may use Google Backup and Sync and enable Original Resolution to backup all your files, including photos and videos at their original resolution. You may also use the default Google mobile app to backup all your phone photos and videos at full resolution. You may also use Windows or Mac OS built-in or third party backup software, or simply drag and drop.
Yes. it can exist side by side with your personal Google account because it’s considered an enterprise account. You may share folders with your personal account to provide extra storage for your personal account too.
No. Save all 4K video files if you like.
No. Google doesn’t provide such option. You may also use file/folder level encryption for added security if you like.
Yes. You get another gmail account with unlimited storage and exchange push. LayerOnline staff cannot access your emails.
Yes. You get all the G Suite for business features, including office, calendar, etc.
Yes. Both you and your friend get one month free. Just mention your email and that you are referring them when they order.
Yes. The account is not stolen, such as ones you found on some sites such as eBay that gets deleted in less than a year. Your account will be created just for you with the username you like.
No. Due to abuse this feature is intentionally disabled. You may still share folders if you like. Please note that you must abide to Google TOS and you are fully responsible for the content you share.
You may contact us anytime. We are here to help 24×7 via live chat, email and ticketing system.